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Ultimate JavaScript Strings

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From the code-nificent minds that brought you  Ultimate JavaScript Arrays  and  Ultimate JavaScript Objects,  presenting... Ultimate JavaScript Strings is the best, comprehensive primer on JavaScript strings that you can complete in UNDER and ... read more

In this course we will learn from the very basic to advanced web development. We will learn HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, Python, Django, SQL, PostgreSQL, GIT, Sublime Text, Chrome Dev Tools and create a Reddit clone web ... read more

What's New in Word 2013?

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Collaborating, reviewing, and commenting on documents just became easier. Access to documents -- especially considering the hyper-mobile business environment – requires more accessibility options than ever before. Word 2013 are sure to have a ... read more

Are you looking for JMS/EMS/Messaging Training? This tutorial helps you to become comfortable with basic concepts in middleware technology like Java Messaging System and Enterprise Messaging System. No programming knowledge needed and no ... read more

In this course you will learn very popular programming languages like JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS and NodeJS JavaScript is a programming language that can be run by all modern web browsers. It is downloaded alongside the HTML code of a ... read more

Updated to June 2016 Featuring Yoast SEO plugin 3.2.5 and WordPress 4.5.2 Do you really want to get to grips with WordPress SEO and implement a killer OnPage SEO strategy?  And do you ever wonder why other websites ... read more

Let's create your own computer game quick and easy! You will learn the basic concepts of game creation process in Unity. Also we will learn how to program in Unity using C# program language. Free for a limited time! Update 16.06.2016: in the ... read more

As a film composer, I had to learn Logic the hard way- thousands of hours of tutorials, years of trial/error, and more questions than I ever wanted to ask. So here, I've put together a super condensed version of what I have learned so far. ... read more

*** 50% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME! ONLY $75! *** Do you want to create Apple Watch Apps? Become proficient at Swift? The Apple Watch is selling of the charts! It's set to hit 25 million units by the end of the year! Right now, the app store ... read more

Word 2016 The Key Ingredients

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The basic "Must-Know" set of tips to get started in MS Word 2016. There are 8 short videos that will launch you into Word and get you going in a pinch. Take this 30-minute course if you are short on time or have to pound out a document on the ... read more

This course is for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to start selling online through their own WordPress-powered website. If you’re baffled by eCommerce jargon like payment gateways, merchant accounts, and SSL certificates, this course ... read more

Ubuntu Web Development Setup

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Learn how to set up the Ubuntu 16.04 operating system for web development. install Ubuntu in VirtualBox set up a development environment for Ruby on Rails, Node.js, and XAMPP set up code editors: Atom, Brackets, Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text ... read more

Working with TFS 2015 Dev and QA focused  course is designed in such a way that anyone with Zero knowledge in TFS can start learning it and understand how powerful and robust TFS is compared to any other tool available in market. Team ... read more