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Retargeting is now a widely used advertising tool by the marketing industry. It's reputation has grown recently and is now a process which gives higher ROI's to marketers. “The biggest advantage of retargeting is that you’re only showing your ... read more

Do you like to write? I do. I love writing. I like it so much that sometimes I’ve wanted to write more, and more and more. But life happens. Work has always been a priority in my life. My first job was in a fast food restaurant. Then I worked at ... read more

This course is laid out to 10 simple steps. Each step is available on video, audio and in a written form. Each lesson lasts a little over 5 minutes - so it's really short and to the point. Step 1 in the course is about "Clearing your mind" and ... read more

Do you want to double or triple the conversion rate of your sales copy? Great, because in this course, I’ll show you 10 proven & tested hacks that work right now! You’ll learn these strategies to acquire more customers and get better ... read more

Facebook is now the biggest Social Media Platform in Digital Marketing. Facebook provides the chance for a business to engage with their target audience, that more traditional forms of marketing could not offer. The main advantage of marketing on ... read more

Course Description I want to give you a completely simplified approach to investing in your 401(k) . This course is going to help you master every aspect of your 401(k) from pre-tax contributions, employer matches, investment ... read more

Autopilot - Let others work for you Unfortunately, most companies only work, if their owner is constantly present at the office. Without them, most companies are not valuable at all. Things wouldn’t be that bad, if the owner ... read more